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5 Spring Maintenance Tips for Rental Properties in Tulsa

10 March 2015 Condo Ready for Showing

After the ups and downs of a long winter, many people are out looking for new homes, and spring is a prime time for putting new tenants in your vacant Tulsa rental properties. Here are a few tips for preparing your home. Many of these are tasks that personnel perform as part of our leasing or property management services in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

1. Inspect for Winter Plumbing Damage

Especially if your rental property has been vacant for any period of time, do a thorough check of all plumbing and heating and air systems. Inspect each faucet to check the flow and look for evidence of leaks both inside and out.

2. Check HVAC and Replace Filters

Your heating system has probably been working overtime this past winter, and before long, your air conditioning will be starting up after several months of inactivity. Check to make sure your heating and air system is working well, and while you’re at it, remember to change your air filters.

If your property is still vacant, we recommend leaving your thermostat above 55 degrees. This doesn’t just keep pipes from freezing, but prevents building materials from shrinking. If left unchecked, such fluctuations can dramatically damage the appearance of trim and crown molding. In the summer, set your thermostat below 85 degrees to prevent against heat and humidity damage.

3. Check Your Lights

Stock up on lightbulbs before you visit your rental property and do a quick test of each light switch. Good lighting is a simple but crucial part of a potential tenant’s first impression. Don’t leave them in the dark!

4. Inspect Your Tulsa Rental Property’s Yard

Consider what lawn maintenance will help boost first impressions. Clear out any dead leaves left over from the fall and trim back damaged plant life to encourage new growth. Even a few bags of fresh mulch can add a polished look to your curb appeal. Spring is also a prime time to aerate your lawn and a apply a fertilizer and weed control product to help achieve lush and vibrant grass.

5. A Little Elbow Grease Goes a Long Way!

Along with cleaning the usual floors and surfaces, it’s a good idea to consider what other elements might create some extra pop! Just a few minutes polishing up chrome and metal fixtures can go a long way. If your windows are dirty, get them cleaned so potential tenants can really appreciate the lighting and view from your rental property.

These are just a few tips for improving your Tulsa-area rental property, but there is plenty more you can do to boost the appeal of your house. Put yourself in a potential tenant’s shoes, and try to take a fresh look to identify anything that might hurt first impressions. You might even want to invite a friend to come over an offer some honest feedback. Focus on elements that help complete the inviting, homey feel of your property!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call your Tulsa property management specialists at 918-639-4663.